Starting at € 17,- a day

The Costa Blanca is the place to go cycling!


Starting at € 21,- a day

E-bikes gives you a comfortable pedal assist!

Forget about the flat landscape, the rain and the wind and enjoy the beautiful nature together with your cycling friends in a place where every year the professionals prepare themselves for the new cycling season. Close to sunny Calpe is the picturesque town of Moraira. From here you can cycle in the beautiful hilly Spanish landscape with great routes and in an unparalleled beautiful setting. The Costa Blanca has an average of no less than 300 sunny days, so an ideal climate for almost year round bicycling and relaxing.

Why choose Moraira Cycling?

We specialize in the rental of racing bikes, e-bikes, and upon request accompany small groups from 4 to 15 people, so that you get all the care you need. Meanwhile, there are already a lot of famous and less famous cyclists, ex-racers and tourers that have visited us just to taste the atmosphere.

Our experience has taught us that many people have already been to Moraira. They actually own villa here, are renting a villa or are staying in one of our recommended hotels, so that they may enjoy a few days of cycling with their bicycle friends. The aforementioned group know their way around and just hire bicycles. But perhaps you belonged to the group of people who have not yet been to Moraira, and your curiosity is aroused by positive stories about Moraira and the cycling around Moraira. I will guide and advise this group on what they can do best. You will receive a quote based on your needs and the length of your stay. We arrange transport to and from the airport, and we also have two hotels listed on our website, where you may book directly. If desired, I can call to inquire on availability. Once everything has been arranged we will reserve the right bike for you.

Of course we also have the necessary routes for you in GPX file, so you can upload them into your own device, or you can rent a Mio navigation from us which already has all the routes uploaded.

As of the beginning of 2016 we also rent Cannondale e-bikes. It has probably already become obvious to you that the cycling here is wonderful, yet due to the mountainous terrain you need to either be in very good physical condition or cycle with pedal assistance. Cycling on the e-bikes will allow you to have just as much fun as the racers on their racing bike.

A week of bicycling at Moraira Cycling can be compared to a mid-week or week skiing with friends. Sports, entertainment and enjoyment, ultimately that´s what it´s all about.